Fresh & Dynamic

We've been the hard working web partners for one of Winnipeg's most forward thinking organizations since we started working with Tourism Winnipeg way back in 1999. We've helped focus attention on providing appropriate and up to date statistics for people, businesses, and organizations interested in the economic outlook of Winnipeg. In 2017, we worked with fine folks at Economic Development Winnipeg and Doowah Design to update the design and streamline the content and functionality.

Report Builder

A visitor can browse the site and mark any number of individual pages or listed documents to add to a report list. Once all of their files are assembed, they can re-order them to their preference, and then assemble the report for download. HTML and PDF documents are converted into a single multi-page PDF document. Any EXCEL spreadsheets are kept separate from the PDFs, and are bundled with the report in an exported ZIP archive file.

This sort of tool has been offered by many organizations in the past but we've never been able to find one that was stable, fast, and easy to use... so we built one! For the latest version, we have taken advantage of advances in the software libraries that allow us to build these reports. Using Celery to put the documents into a processing queue dramatically reduced the load on the server when creating these reports. This made the whole tool extremely stable.

Key Industries

In this latest iteration of the Economic Development Winnipeg site the efficiencies that were part of the redevelopment process trimmed down or consolidated the content. One of the focuses was to set up the Key Industries of the city as a site within a site. Each of the Key Industries received its own layout that had a on click navigation to skip back and forth between them without having to jump back out to the primary navigation.

This layout consolidated the primary information with related documents and links, as well as the contact information of the staff person at Economic Development Winnipeg directly responsible for the promotion of, and information related to that specific industry. Each of these Key Industry pages is a standalone information source for the Site Selector audience that Economic Development Winnipeg is looking to work with.