Economic Development Winnipeg

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Economic Development Winnipeg

Since we started working with Tourism Winnipeg, way back in 1999, we have been the hard working web partners for one of Winnipeg's most forward thinking organizations. The most recent incarnation sees the organization move to a separation of their Tourism and Economic Development departments with EconomicDevelopmentWinnipeg.com, TourismWinnipeg.com.

The Economic Development department is focusing its attention on providing appropriate and up to date statistics for people, businesses and organizations interested in the economic outlook of Winnipeg.

2 Clicks to anything you need.

The structure of the site has been trimmed down to make anything the visitor needs available within 2 clicks in the site. With the new documents functionality, this is even more true than in the previous iteration of the site. Visitors no longer have to go searching for documents associated to the content in a separate publications area because associated documents now display on pages of relevant content.

Per Page Documents and Contacts

Some additions to the functionality in this version of the site included the ability to assign content specific documents to the appropriate pages. We also provided a tool to allow the administrator to assign content related contact people to the right hand column to allow the visitor quick access to a knowledge base without having to go searching the site for phone numbers, email addresses and names. All of this is now available on the page of interest.