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New look, New Detail

Ellement Pensions, Benefits, and Investments was looking for a new look to their website with a focus on their services and their team's experience. With the design developed by Guppy Design and the writing of Spitfire Strategy the redevelopment of the site was set to provide their clientele with more details about the organization that is working for them and giving them immediate access to the three services that Ellement provides.

Periodic Table of Ellements

The design incorporated the concept of the boxes from the Periodic Table of Elements. Each staff member was given a box where the person's initials were the element letters and they were assigned an atomic value. The programming of the staff page set us the task of toggling each staff-person's bio and exchanging their Element value with their portrait. The bio would open up to display each person's academic and professional achievements along with their position within the organization. Using a combination of javascript and current CSS this animated toggling gives a slick look to the staff page.

Applying for the Job

A second piece that was requested was to allow people to submit a CV for a specific job posting. Ellement can put up a job posting with a description and, if needed, an associated document that a potential job hunter can download. If the job hunter is interested they can fill out a short online application for that specific job posting to which they can send their CV as an attachment.