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Confidence To Move Forward

A full-service firm in Manitoba with clients big and small, Fillmore Riley wanted a website that was fresh, modern, and, most importantly, professional. We worked with Blacksheep Strategy to provide them exactly that, complete with our Catalyst content management system to power their online news feeds, customizable lawyer profiles, and a robust site search. 

Prompt, Personal Attention

Fillmore Riley provides prompt, personal attention, and the homepage reflects that.

Pulling the latest to the front to make it easier to get at, making the newsletter signup easy to access, providing a powerful site-wide search, and laying out the navigation in clear, easy-to-use rows... the firm's website was built to reflect their pragmatic, action-oriented approach.

Need Advice?

If you need direct advice, Fillmore Riley has a team of professionals ready to assist you. We built a custom tool that allows the firm to fill in full pages for all their lawyers and students, associate them to multiple practice groups, and even generate downloadable vcards.

Every individual at Fillmore Riley gets their own clean, clear, professional profile page with their full description, contact information, and uploadable picture.

Hooked up to the Catalyst content management system's included search functionality, it provides site visitors with a direct path to the people who can help them.

Announcements, Newsletters, and Events

Fillmore Riley has a lot going on, which means they also have a lot to say. It was our job to make sure they had every opportunity to say it!

A news module lets administrators write drafts and articles to publish, share, and distribute through the site and RSS feeds.

An event module keeps visitors abreast of speaking engagements and seminars the firm conducts or participates in.

Finally, the integration of our Emediate Mail newsletter application allows Fillmore Riley to send out their publication, The Brief, to anyone interested in the insights of the firm's experienced lawyers.

Investing In The Future

Fillmore Riley takes the responsibility of giving thier students a comprehensive articling experience seriously, seeing it as an investment in the future, and they wanted that to stand out on their website. The Catalyst content management system is able to support multiple templates and layouts, allowing the articling subarea to sport a unique look without being disruptive in the backend editing space.