Forum of Ministers Responsible for Immigration


Bringing the Provinces and the Feds Together

This site was a response to the need for the Provincial/Territorial and Federal Governments to collaborate on the intricacies of immigration in Canada. The consolidation of information relating to meetings, both formal and informal, among the provincial/territorial and federal ministers responsible for immigration in Canada.

The two groups, Provincial/Territorial and Federal have their own sections of the site to which they can login. The categorized documents include white papers, meeting minutes, committee information, and other date related documents. The organization has set itself up as a repository for all of the information that is created by this Forum.

The management of these documents had to be set up in a way that the documents could be shared in both sections if required, but there wasn't a need for the documents themselves to be duplicated. The administrative tools provided allowed the staff to add documents and share the documents to both the Federal and Provincial/Territorial sections.