FortWhyte Alive

This is an archived version of this project. It represents an previous iteration of the site, and is kept for historical purposes. Click here to see the latest version.

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Nature, Adventure, Learning

FortWhyte Alive is one of Canada’s premier privately operated, non-profit outdoor education and recreation facilities. Just 20 minutes from the heart of Winnipeg, FortWhyte features over 640 acres of woodlands and lakes, and various activites and attractions year-round.

Watch Out For Some Special Arrivals

There is something incredible happening at FortWhyte all year around, and we needed to help site visitors discover as much of it as possible.

The site's sidebar pulls forward a handful of the upcoming events from the integrated Calendar, showcases a couple choice shots from the latest Photo Gallery, and promotes FortWhyte's social media areas.

FortWhyte site administrators also have access to Catalyst's powerful content editor, which they use to full effect with well-formatted content, full-colour images, and various links to attractions and information deeper in the site.

Finding Your
Way Around

The FortWhyte Alive website was built with a unique navigation layout. The design has each sub-navigation level open in its own space, eventually crawling into the main content area. Despite the special placement of all the menu links, the administrative area editors present all the site's pages in a logical tree that is simple to get through.

Easy to use, easy to manage, with the Catalyst content management system handling all the clever presentation for you.

Give Yourself the Gift of Membership

One of our challenges was to convert FortWhyte's membership brochure into an online form where site visitors could purchase a membership through Paypal.

Various options such as new purchases, renewals, seniors, multi-year memberships, specific naturescape memberships, and group members were streamlined for the website in an easy-to-use single page form.  Additional options such as the Cafe upgrade and buying the membership as a gift for another are laid out at the bottom, and all transactions are synced with FortWhyte's merchant Paypal upon finalization.

With an increasingly tech-savvy audience, FortWhyte has been able to maintain current memberships... and recruit a couple new faces!

Seen To Be Believed

FortWhyte's natural landscapes lend themselves perfectly to some amazing photography, so naturally the site had to have a gallery where those images could be shared with the web.

FortWhyte admins can create any number of galleries, all sorted by date, and capable of holding dozens of individual images. The Catalyst system takes care of all the heavy lifting by auto-sizing the uploaded images to fit perfectly in the site's design, creating smaller thumbnails behind-the-scenes, and even providing a place for optional captions. 

The result is a gorgeous photo gallery that is easy to browse and full of some great shots. From proud bison herds to voyageur canoeing, from summer activities to winter skating trailers, FortWhyte really has to be seen to be believed.