Gas Station Arts Centre


A Minimalist Approach

Like many arts organizations web infrastructure sometimes takes a back seat to other priorities. The Gas Station Arts Centre had successfully used the previous design of their site for a very long time, and when it came time to prioritize a redesign, we were able to help. With our design partners at Guppy Graphic Design, a clean minimal design with a focus directly on the content itself was what we implemented.

An updated version of the Catalyst CMS maintained the efficient and easy to use nature of the administration of the site so that long term staff as well as temporary interns would be able to make the content changes needed with minimal training. 

Rental Calendar

One of the custom features that we were asked to create was an online display for when the Arts Centre facilities were in use so that people, arts groups, and other organizations could quickly look up dates when they might wish to book the facilities for their own purposes. As staff received bookings they would be able to block out times for performances or rehearsals. This provided the staff with a quick glance review of dates that were booked so that the booking procedure could run more smoothly.

The main events calendar on the site details the actual performances, while the Rental Calendar provided a scheduling tool for both the administration and the public.

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Over the years the Gas Station Arts Centre has been a showcase for artists to display their works. The latest version of the website has had a much needed update to the Gallery page that shows some of the past art exhibits that have been hosted by the Gas Station Arts Centre.

Due to the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, the sales of art that would normally take place in person at the Arts Centre are no longer possible. As a way to help artists who exhibit their works at the GSAC, the administration has approached us to possibly develop an online store or auction. Once we know more, we will update this profile.

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