Gas Station Arts Centre

This is an archived version of this project. It represents an previous iteration of the site, and is kept for historical purposes. Click here to see the latest version.


The Hub of Urban Arts Activity in Winnipeg

We are big supporters of the local arts community. We are very pleased to bring this local theatre and gallery to the web. The site sports a bold, colorful layout by our friends at Guppy Design that helps highlight all the different ways the Gas Station Arts Centre continues to be a hub of urban arts activity. Both locally, in the Osborne Village, and online!

Arts Centre

The fine folks at the Gas Station Arts Centre are busy with mentorships, annual productions, and providing facilities and equipment to local artists. The home page allows them to provide a quick peek at some of the great initiatives they are taking.

The calendar of events can have specific upcoming shows featured, news or announcements are summarized and linked to the main archive, and a sidebar of banners lets site admins point visitors to other key areas.


The GSAC prides itself on often being an emerging artist’s “first stage”, so naturally the theatre got highlighted on the new site. A open content area with file uploads, wysiwyg editing, and flexible layouts give site admins all the rooom they need to expound upon the virtues of the facilities.

Winnipeg Comedy Festival

Did you know that the nationally renowned Winnipeg Comedy Festival is produced by the Gas Station Arts Centre? It's true, and it's our privledge to work on both sites!

We help bring information and updates over onto the GSCA site through Twitter feeds, social media icons, and even a "Featured Comedian" profile that shares data over from the festival's own site.

Art Gallery

The GSAC Gallery has a long history of showcasing emerging Manitoban artists, and they wanted to share that with their site visitors. The website has its own gallery built it, where site administrators can collect pictures into sets, providing them with names and descriptions. The individual photos themselves are auto-cropped and auto-sized, making managing the gallery a snap.

Village Market

Since 2008, the GSAC has helped encourage between food producers, local organizations, and neighbourhood residents. This part of the site helps them do that by promoting the participating vendors with individual profiles, complete with uploadable color logos.

A sidebar sporting a Twitter feed keeps site visitors up to date, and a schedule of events for the GSAC's Patio Concert Series is regularly updated for music lovers.