Guppy Graphic Design


Quality Creative since 1999

We work with Guppy Design on a regular basis. We trust them to provide excellent graphic design and they trust us for quality programming and user interface development for the projects on which we collaborate. This design is the fourth iteration of design that we've translated from design to interactive interface. This time we also updated the adminitstrative capabilities with the latest version of our Catalyst Content Management System. The same quality admin functionality that they have come to expect with an updated interface and new features. We are proud to continue our working relationship with this Winnipeg institution.

Show Your Work!

The nature of Guppy Design's work is visual. They build out design for print and digital marketing and they need to showcase their work on their website. We provided them with the tools they would need to quickly and efficiently create portfolio pages that would be able to display a visually diverse sample of their efforts and the content editors they would need to illustrate the results of these projects.

Built on using Contact Forms and Portfolios plugins.