Guppy Graphic Design

This is an archived version of this project. It represents an previous iteration of the site, and is kept for historical purposes. Click here to see the latest version.


Guppy Design Rocks

Our friends over at Guppy Design are long time collaborators on many of the online marvels we have built. When it came time for their new site to make friends on the internet, we built them a custom setup that allows them to showcase, in glorious resolution, some of their key projects.


Guppy Design uses the Slit Slider javascript libraries to give the site jaw-dropping transitions from page to page. We hooked up the transitions to the Catalyst content management system, not only preserving separate URLs for each page, but allowing the creative folks over at Guppy to swap out text, images, backgrounds, and more!


Guppy wanted a simple site that focused on showing their work in large detail. We worked with them to figure out an easy and intuitive interface for doing just that.

Combining the Slitslider and Flexslider javascript libraries took some experimentation, but the end result is slick. Once in the "Work" section, small arrows at either side encourage visitors to explore all of Guppy's posted samples. And thanks to the Catalyst content management system, those samples include embedded Vimeo and Youtube videos.


Thanks to friendly and robust admin side editors, Guppy can add, remove, and modify fields and labels on their contact form, ensuring they are collecting all the information they need to get you the graphic-design answer you need!


Guppy creates things, it is what they do! This includes some fantastic looking posters and shirts that they screen-print themselves. Using the same Flexslider functionality as in the "Work" section, visitors can browse what Guppy has available and easily buy it through Paypal.