Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada


Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada

The JHCWC came to us with an old school design and straight HTML site. The difficulties that they were having were related to the older nature of the site structure that required the person editing the site to have a significant knowledge of HTML to make any updates or additions. Rebuilding the site with an updated site structure and using our Catalyst CMS now allows the site administrators to update their content at will without having to worry about disrupting the new design, and doesn't require an extensive knowledge of the HTML programming language.

JHCWC Programs

We provided the Programs section of the site, which is the section most often updated, with a structured editor that allows the administrators to add and edit their Programs without having to concern themselves with structure. A consistent set of fields means that visitors will quickly become familiar with the structure of these Program displays, and won't have to search through a wall of copy and images to find the information they are looking for.


Online versions of the exhibitions hosted at the Jewish Heritage Centre are one of the primary goals of the updated version of the site. We have so far set up the first of these exhibits to have a series of copy blocks and a set of photo galleries.

Data Search

One of the main focuses of the JHCWC is a searchable Database that looks into Genealogy, and other aspects of the Jewish experience in Western Canada. This piece of functionality is still under construction, however we have made significant steps toward transferring the on-site functionality to an online resource that is more readily available to the public.