Sophistication in Look and Functionality

Canada's legalization of Marijuana has changed the market somewhat from its past stereotypes. Consumers are now looking for a more sophisticated online experience when purchasing their cannabis related products. Kustom Kulture has stepped up its online presence by providing a slightly more business oriented design which coincides with their expanded wholesale purchasing.

An updated version of the Catalyst Content Management System provides the administrators at Kustom Kulture with an easy to use set of tools to keep their catalog of products up to date and the ability to configure billing, shipping, taxes, and coupons to their specific needs. This latest version of the website has the flexibility to expand with their business, which is important in this fledgling sector of the Canadian economy.

Updated Site Architecture

With the new sophisticated design came a re-evalutation of how the potential consumer would want to interact with the website. A switch in focus to move the site architecture toward product purchases put the product categories and sub-categories as the main site navigation. Other information that may be of interest, but not the primary focus were moved to a secondary navigation in the footer. Consumers start with finding the products they are looking for from the first moment they arrive.

The user interface is familiar, as it follows well established online store conventions, designed to turn views into purchases.

Built on using Product Catalogs,Search and Shopping Carts plugins.