Kustom Kulture

This is an archived version of this project. It represents an previous iteration of the site, and is kept for historical purposes. Click here to see the latest version.


Improving The Overall Experience.

We worked with Kustom Kulture to revamp their website, to bring their catalog online and streamline how their customers placed orders with them. This meant working with our design partners to make a responsive layout that was clean, modern, and easy to use. We built administrative editors that was both intuitive and robust. We helped Kustom Kulture solve problems they didn't know they had and we continue to work with them to keep improving the overall experience.

Best Foot Forward

The site is designed to provide a smooth experience for anyone looking to browse the Kustom Kulture catalog.

A screen-wide banner on the homepage allows site administrators to feature products, complete with large images, titles, full descriptions, and optional display date ranges. Queueing these up, the site randomly slides through these feature products, giving the homepage a continual feeling of discovery.

Kustom Kulture augments these feature products with the four smaller banners directly below. These ad banners can be set up to target a specific date range or a specific customer group. Like the ads on interior page sidebars, they can be used to steer visitors to new products, newsletter sign-up forms, or recent blog articles.

Multiple Colours Available

The core of the Kustom Kulture site is their product catalog, so it had to be easy to explore. The category structure works the same way as the rest of the Catalyst content management system pages; each catalog can have sub-categories, can have titles and labels changed, can have meta tags updated, and can be sorted as required. This lets site adminstrators make an online catalog as broad or as deep as they require.

Each individual category also sports a javascript-powered tagging system. Site adminstrators can create sets of tags for the entire catalog and then assign individual tags to each product. The site visitors can use these tags to dynamically filter any category's product list however they wish. These chosen tags are remembered on the visitor's browser so they can jump into and back out of product details without having to re-choose them all.

Built on using Product Catalogs,Search and Shopping Carts plugins.

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Kustom Kulture's large catalog meant they had a lot of information on each product. We worked with them and our design partner to lay out product details in a way that was clean, modern, and easy to digest. Each product has a lightbox-enabled photo gallery, a WYSIWYG description editor, quantity-based price points, and a "related products" area where Kustom Kulture can make other recommendations.

Products can be bolstered with multiple sets of options, each of which can be configured with gallery images, alternate SKU numbers, and minor price adjustments. This allows individual options to be treated just as descriptors or as unique line items in the checkout system, providing maximum flexibility for inventory administrators.

Built on using Product Catalogs,Search and Shopping Carts plugins.

Retail and Wholesale

Visitors can optionally sign up for an account with Kustom Kulture. Regular retail customers can log in to review a current order's status, past order statuses, and repopulate their shopping cart with the contents of a past order. Wholesale customers get all that plus some special pricing throughout the catalog. The website recognizes a wholesale customer is active and updates the product descriptions, the quanity-based pricing, and even the sidebar advertising. This targeted approach lets Kustom Kulture provide the best experience to both types of customers.

Built on using Members Only Areas and Shopping Carts plugins.