Manitoba Lotteries

This is an archived version of this project. It represents an previous iteration of the site, and is kept for historical purposes. Click here to see the latest version.


Responsible Gaming and Corporate Social Responsibility

Manitoba Lotteries is a Crown corporation of the Province of Manitoba. They own and operate Club Regent Casino and McPhillips Station Casino in Winnipeg, as well as the province's Video Lottery Terminal network. After working on the Casinos Of Winnipeg website, we were happy to help update thier corporate site to match. Offering information on community support, sustainable development, responsible gaming, employment, and product innovation, the new Manitoba Lotteries site provides valuble information in a clean, simple, well designed package.

Making An Impact

Not only is it bursting with color, but the home page for the Manitoba Lotteries site lets you quickly find the area you are interested in.

By using live, browser-render text even on the graphical elements, the site keeps strong SEO placement and maintains usability for features like inline text searches. This means the majority of the page, from the photos and labels to the upcoming events and call-to-actions can all be managed by site administrators through the Catalyst CMS.

Copy, Content, and Columns

The Catalyst CMS allows any content page to be laid out in a number of flexible column options. Single column, two columns, three columns, in any combination. By working hand in hand with our design partners, we can ensure that this flexibility for site administrators is consistent with the approved design specifications. 

En Français, S'il Vous Plaît

At the top right of every page, a grey button allows site visitors to switch between english and french content at any time. The Catalyst CMS has been configured to make multilingual data entry as simple and logical as possible. Any content editable through the administrative section can be filled out in both languages.

Staying Informed

With over a decade of past announcements, it was important to make browsing the news archive an easy task.

The sidebar breaks up the archive by year, and each year summarizes news articles with bold titles and easy-to-skim dates. Inside each article, Manitoba Lotteries have the option to be as informative as they need, include an associated image, and even provide a copy of the article as a downloadable PDF.

An RSS feed with the most recent news updates is available for public subscriptions.

Join The Team

If you want to apply for a job at Manitoba Lotteries, there is a lot of information that needs to be collected. With a clean design and some careful functionality, the presented form makes a daunting task as straight-froward as possible.

Each area is separated into logical steps, with visitors' progress deliniated by the combination breadcrumb progress bar at the top. File uploads allow Manitoba Lotteries to collect resumes and cover letters, and clean, clear form validation makes for an easy online submission.

Things To Do

Manitoba Lotteries makes it simple for site visitors too keep informed of future events.

A quick list with clearly defined dates and information makes skimming events in the immediate future easy on the eye. With lots of room in the title and brief description, there's rarely a need for a verbose alternate view. 

The calendar view in the left sidebar provides not only a quick overview of the entire month, but allows viewing of future months with use of the blue arrows. And a provided RSS feed allows for events to be subscribed to outside the site.