Manitoba Moose

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Hard Hitting Excitement, On And Off The Ice

The Manitoba Moose needed a site that works as hard as their players. Working with our friends over at Fusion, we put some hustle into building the admin team at the Moose all the tools they needed to keep their legion of fans informed. Tied into the AHL's real-time scoring, flexible player management tools, guest bloggers and more, is built for the hardcore fan!

Home of Hardcore Hockey

The Manitoba Moose have an army of fans. To get information to them, they needed a website that delivered information from multiple sources. Working with the Moose, we tied into data from the AHL and built them tools to manage all the elements on their homepage. Rollover the highlights for more details.

Moose Hockey Schedule

The Manitoba Moose play 80 regular season games a year. With pre-season and playoffs, on any given year, there could be more than 100 games on the schedule. We built tools to setup the schedule in advance, publish game previews and summaries, link to tickets, teams and more. Fans are able to stay fully informed.

Statistics for the Hardcore Hockey Fan

Hockey, like any other pro sport, has statistics that tell the tale of the game. Hardcore hockey fans can get details on all of their favourite Moose players. Player stats are hooked directly into the AHL's database and each player has a detailed bio, downloads and comparison stats vs AHL teams.

Moose TV

Moose fans wanted a way to keep up with their team and all the latest action. Moose TV does just that with a custom Flash video player and tools for the admin team to manage all of the great action.