McFadden Benefits


A Site to Inspire

McFadden Benefits is a health and pension benefits company with a philosophy about improving the health and well-being of people. The previous version of the site had been a straight-forward contact point for the public and their clients. One of the star features of McFadden Benefits is it's yearly XPO that brings in guest speakers to speak on varying topics including health, financial management, and includes inspirational personal stories.

This year the company is looking to revamp their site, but the focus is now the yearly XPO. This year they wanted to start taking registrations for their XPO online. We set them up with an transaction account with Stripe. The clean Stripe interface allows them to move the money from their transactions with ease, and the Catalyst CMS integrates smoothly with the Stripe API that allows for the CMS to also have a leger of data that can be compared with the Stripe information for clean auditing.

After this year's XPO is over, McFadden Benefits will be expanding this version of their site to repopulate the information that they want to present to potential new clients.