Labour Movement meets the Internet

This is an ARCHIVED version of this project. Click here to see our most current version MANITOBA GOVERNMENT EMPLOYEES UNION write-up.

The MGEU site was initially rebuilt by Visual Lizard in 2004. In February of 2007 a new coat of paint and the site's admin system was updated to a new version of our Catalyst CMS. The site's primary purpose is to provide the MGEU membership with up to date information about union activities, the relationship between the Union and the Provincial Government, and the benefits of being part of the union.

One off re-usable pages

From time to time requests would come in from the MGEU for additional pages for specific purposes or events. The union, which has interests in politics and conventions, would need pages relating to one off events. These pages would need to appear for a limited time and then would no longer be required. But later on a similar event would take place where similar information would be needed. Instead of just deleting the pages they no longer needed, we provided the ability to keep the page but hide it from the site navigation and search engines. When a similar event would come up, a few quick edits and turning the page back on allowed the MGEU to have a group of temporary, reusable pages.


Membership Profile Update Tool

The MGEU wanted to encourage the union members to update their contact information. A form was provided that sent a member information email to the Union head office where a team of administrators could then update their records digitally.


Send a Message

Recently the MGEU wanted to set up a message tool for their membership to use in an email campaign. We provided a form that allowed them to send a petition letter to provincial government leaders voicing the concerns of the union's membership. Members had the ability to add their own thoughts to a preset message.


Convention Video Stream

In 2010 the MGEU wanted to have a live streaming broadcast of part of their convention. With some interaction with the company doing the broadcast, we provided an online place to view the proceedings.