North West Company


Crisp Corporate

The North West Company came to us with a request for a site redevelopment because we have already worked on multiple other online properties that belong to them. NorthMart, Northwest Telepharmacy, and Sealift Express are all under the purview of the North West Company. Their corporate site needed a refreshed look from the previous version which was several years old. This latest version has also been upgraded to our latest Catalyst 5 CMS.

NWC Operations

North West Company has several retail properties with multiple franchises of each. The Operations page of the site was developed to highlight these properties and supplying the visitor with contact information for the franchises as well as providing a description of these retail properties and the communities they serve.

NWC and the Community

The North West Company is proud of its interaction with the communities in which they find themselves. The Community Engagement section of the site is a way to highlight those relationships. The landing page for this section features specific news stories and provides a history of theat interaction.

NWC Documents

Like many corporate sites the North West Company has hundreds of documents relating to their business that they make available to their shareholders. There is an entire section to the site that is dedicated to their Investors in which they provide documents for yearly and quarterly earnings, information circulars, conference calls, presentations, and media releases.

NWC Foundation

The North West Company has its charitable Healthy Horizons Foundation which is connected to the overall corporation. It does fundraising for a variety of charities in the communities that it serves. One of the biggest fundraisers is their NWC Marathon team that participates in the British Virgina Islands Marathon every year.