North West Telepharmacy


NorthWest Telepharmacy Solutions

Northwest Telepharmacy Solutions is a banner property of the Health Products and Services Group of The Northwest Company. North West Company came to us with a request to update both the functionality and design of its telepharmacy website. Their pharmacy service is designed to service remote communities which is the focus of North West Company. This new website provides descriptions of the services they offer as well as the locations which it serves.

Pharmacy Services

North West Telepharmacy is wanting to draw more attention to the various services they offer. They also wanted to keep the content footprint to a minimum so that the visitor was not greeted with a wall of text. To accomplish both goals the design and functionality was programmed to provide the visitor with an interactive experience where clicking the heading that is the subject of their interest will toggle open the information they require. This functionality was applied throughout the site and the administrative tools for these blocks of content were developed to be intuitive.