NorthMart, Northern, Alaska Commercial, Cost-U-Less

The flagship property of the North West Company is their Northern / NorthMart grocery chain that services many Northern Canadian communities including locations as far north as the Arctic Islands of Nunavut. This site is set to provide information about the services offered by Northern / NorthMart stores to their communities, and includes the contact information for the hundreds of stores in Canada. From an administrative perspective, this site also accesses and offers administrative tools to the Alaska Commercial and Cost-U-Less websites. Those two properties are North West Company's stores for Alaska and the Islands of the Caribbean and the South Pacific.

Store Locator

The intent of the Store Locator is to provide the visitor quick access to the contact and location information for these potentially extremely remote store locations. The map interface allows the visitor to filter out any stores that are not relevant to them. The map pins, when clicked, instantly provide contact information for the selected location. Below the map is a list of all of the stores for the selected territory or province, and any features that those locations may have, including a local deli, post office, gas station, or fast food restaurants.

Healthy Happy

North West Company has an initiative promoting healthy eating. Part of that initiative is to provide healthy recipe options on the website. These include recipes that take into account local dietary food sources that can be used as substitutes. The recipe feature is structured to provide a consistent look to instruction steps. The administators can also feature specific recipes that are seasonal.


Northmart and the other properties have weekly and seasonal flyers and catalogues. North West Company uses an online service to store these catalogues and flyers. We were asked to integrate the display of these into the new site design. Working with this third party service set up a display area for the flyers while maintaining the look of the rest of the site and having navigational access to all of the other services.


In many locations in Northern Canada the Northern Store, or NorthMart are integral to the communities of which they are a part. This section presents information about how the North West Company supports, interacts with, and includes news stories about the connection between the stores and their communities.