Career Opportunities Resource

The North West Company approached us to put their Career Opportunities website under the same administration as their main corporate website. They wanted to use the tools we provide with our Catalyst CMS for the information they want to provide to potential job seekers and then integrate their 3rd party job search database, and have it all under one design.

We worked with their job search service provider to connect the North West Company career information to a website where they could control the rest of the non-job-search information. The North West Company represents several international retail providers and have been working to roll out each of these providers as their information becomes ready. The first of these is their Northern/NorthMart retail branch which services mostly Northern Canada.

As their information gets pulled together we will be adding these other providers. All of the information will be managed in one location while being able to have their own unique domains which will allow for cohesive branding.

The site administrators are able to manage heading information, individual editors for multiple sections within each page, as well as an FAQ section and header hero banner images. Finally, once all of the branch career sites are active they will have a landing page that will be a portal to all of these career sites.