RMHC Manitoba


A Home Away from Home

We've worked with Ronald McDonald House Manitoba for several years and have done a couple of redesigns with them in the past. This iteration had some new priorities from the RMH head offices that were now required relating to standards and accessibility. Since we already follow web development standards, and the vast majority of the accessibility standards in the development of the Catalyst CMS many of the priorities were already addressed from minute one of development.

We had previously put together an online donation system that works with the transaction system that RMH already uses. This version of the site was going to require additional integration beyond the donations that the previous version was already doing. We built in a new piece of functionality to allow fundraising opportunities like the Red Shoe Crew Week, and the Hope Couture Fashion Gala. Participants for the Red Shoe Crew are able to set up a pledge goal and provide a web link for people to pledge contributions under an individual or a team. For the Hope Couture event, people can purchase individual tickets or corporate tables to the event.

Added to this functionality, we developed an online tax receipting system that will send out tax receipts for online donations. Administrators have the ability to send out tax receipts to donors that meet the requirements for receiving a tax receipt. The information is applied to an official RMHC Manitoba template that is accepted as a tax receipt.