Sākihiwē Festival


Embracing Indigenous Music

The sākihiwē festival was formerly Aboriginal Music Week. The updated design was applied initially in 2017 still under the name of Aboriginal Music Week. Last year the festival received a new name and the design was updated to reflect the change. This iteration of the site expanded the functionality of the site to include an expandable directory of artists and performers along with an events calendar with a focus on the yearly festival's main exhibition. It also connects to multiple social media platforms, including SoundCloud which is presented in a primary location on the home page where visitors can play a SoundCloud playlist of current music created by Indigenous artists.

Performer Directory

The artist directory is a new piece of functionality for this site. It allows the site administrators to build up an alumni of artists and performers, categorize them into appropriate groupings, and easily add them to the upcoming festival. It also allows them to connect these artists to specific festival performances.

Festival Events

Events are displayed in tabular format which allows the administrators to provide quick glance relative information to the visitor. The information provided includes date and time, featured artists and performers, the event venue and address, and the presenting sponsor. From this display the visitor can get more detailed information on a specific festival event.

Event Details

If the visitor wants more information about a specific event they can view the details of a specific event by clicking the more info link for an event on the event list page. The detail view provides specific information about the event, and connects to featured performers or artists. Social Media sharing is an important aspect to this version of the site, so event and performer sharability features prominently throughout.


Sponsorship plays an important role for this festival. One of the features that was requested was the ability to have a library of sponsors to draw from. The administrators can add or edit sponsor details, change logos, update website addresses, enable or disable the sponsor profile for display, and even switch the category to which a sponsor belongs. We also built in functionality to allow the administrators to pick which pages of the site they could display the sponsors.