Capacity And Potential

The Saskatchewan Recording Industry Association approached us to get into their website's guts and rehaul the tools they were using to provide music news, events, videos, photos, program information and artist profiles online. We worked with them to swap out their previous web infrastructure with our Catalyst content management system, streamlining their adminstrative editors and speeding up the overall experience. We relish every opportunity to promote creative talent in Saskatchewan, Manitoba, and nation-wide!

Pride At Home

SaskMusic came to us with a design and front-end that they were happy with but a back-end system that needed an overhaul. Our job was to go behind-the-scenes to reconstruct their website from the ground up on our Catalyst content management system. We gave them all new editors to update every aspect of their website and provided some new public-facing functionality while keeping with their chosen aesthetic.

Built on using Articles and Content,Calendar of Events,News and Archives and Quick Links plugins.

Music Calendar

If you’re wandering around town and are hankering for some live music, the SaskMusic events calendar has you covered. Both the website administrators and SaskMusic members contribute to a database of upcoming shows and events, with dates, times, ticket prices, and addresses posted online. And a quick filter form helps you look for that specific artist or genre that gets your crank turning.

Built on using Calendar of Events plugins.

Industry Directory

SaskMusic empowers their members by providing them with editable directory profiles. Artists, bands, promoters, and many more can log in to manage a custom SaskMusic page set aside for them. A full biography, multiple picture, photos, news, videos, and music tracks can be tested and tweaked through a standards compliant web browser. Learn more about your favourite Saskatchewan artist!

Built on using Members Only Areas plugins.

Radio Player

One of the best ways to access Saskatchewan music is right online! The SaskMusic Radio player is populated by tracks uploaded by both website administrators and by SaskMusic members. Powered by multiple playlists and built on web standards like HTML5 and Javascript, we can all look forward to streaming quality tunes on any supported desktop or mobile device.