She's Got The Look

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She's Got The Look!

When St Vital Centre wanted a custom Facebook application that could operate as a microsite to go with their spring promotion, we were excited to work with Fusion build exactly that! Facebook provides a multitude of functionality that allows sites like this to gain powerful features without recreating the wheel, and allows participantion to filter back through it's social media network. And by strapping the site to Catalyst, adding and managing the microsite content is a breeze!

A spring in our steps

It used to be that you need Flash for any sort of fancy movement. With modern browsers and evolving web standards, we can build some snazzy animation right within HTML5 and CSS3. And because there's nothing crazy in the code, the site looks and works great in mobile devices!

A bit of this...

Even though it's a small site, we were still able to build it on Catalyst, our content management system. This gives the promo administrators the flexibility to tweak the details without us getting in their way. And at no point does the CMS get in the way; it's smart enough to do what's needed and then stay out of the way, resulting in a fast, smooth experience.

A bit of that...

Large images of the chosen items are collected for the user to share however they like, such as Twitter and Pinterest. The display is followed up with a clear list of the products and the St. Vital Centre shops where they can be purchased.

The small details

We customized the editors so the individual item descriptions could be replaced with a Youtube or Vimeo video insert. No need to upload it again, though; by just providing the URL or sharing code from the social media site, Catalyst can handle the rest!