Style It, Share It, Win It!

When St Vital Centre wanted a custom Facebook application that could operate as a micro-website and a contest, we were excited to work with Fusion build exactly that! Facebook provides a multitude of funcitonality that allows sites like this to gain powerful features without recreating the wheel, and allows participantion to filter back through it's social media network. 

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Powered By Facebook

One of the biggest stumbling blocks in getting people to sign-up for a contest is the signing-up part. By integrating the site with Facebook, not only do we leverage the social media network to help spread the word but we also make it super simple for people to participate. No filling in names, addresses, passwords, etc. With the visitor's permission, we can personalize the site to them using their Facebook information and profile picture!


Put Together Your Perfect Outfit

The goal of this small site was to make participating simple, easy, and fun. Once logged in through Facebook, the form to create your style is a series of simple, clearly defined choices. Product are presented in bright thumbnails and simple radio buttons or check boxes. The form is validated and clear messaged presented if the visitor has missed a choice.


See What Others Are Styling

The greatest thing about sharing is that you can take a peek at what everyone else has picked! A large browsable gallery of Facebook profile images makes it easy for visitors to find their friends and family. If you don't recognize the cat picture your Aunt Sue has uploaded though, you can either hover over the pic for that participant's name to pop up, or use the handy search field up top.


Sharing Your Style

Large images of the chosen items are collected for the participant to share however they like, such as Twitter and Pinterest. The display is followed up with a clear list of the products and the St. Vital Centre shops where they can be purchased.

And by leveraging provided social tools, we could even bring the conversation right to the board, mirroring posted comments on the site back onto the participant's Facebook profile.