Steinbach Credit Union

This is an archived version of this project. It represents an previous iteration of the site, and is kept for historical purposes. Click here to see the latest version.


Feel At Home With SCU

Steinbach Credit Union is Manitoba's largest credit union and the 7th largest in Canada. We've worked with them for years and are proud to assist them in refreshing their site. Our mutual goal is to provide products and services in the best way possible; having a modern, open website helps visitorsl feel right at home with SCU.

Another addition to the site has provided its customers with a useful interactive tool to help them determine which chequing packange, savings account, or credit card best suits their needs.

A Part Of
Your Plans

With so much information available, it was critical that visitors could navigate the site without getting turned around. The site purposely employs a minimal layout with clearly laid out navigation. Instead of sublevels and sublevels of content, information is presented in a concise manner, easy to find in a "shallow" structure.

Clean Design

SCU had a vision, and values they wanted to present to their audience, and we reflected those in the site layout.

A clean design, lots of breathing space, and bright colours. Web banners, overfilled sidebars, and dozens of levels of navigation are all shunned in favour of a clean design. The content is friendly, engaging, quick, and to the point.

The entire experience feels open and welcoming.

Making It Easy To Get You Where You're Going

Is there anything more annoying than trying to find a phone number on a website? Rather than burying contact information and banking locations on an obscure page somewhere, SCU opts to provide that critical information throughout the site, inviting you to get ahold of them!

By clicking on the ever-present "Contact SCU" button, site visitors can get quick access to branch addresses, drive through locations, hours of operation, and more. This is a doubly-useful feature in the mobile view... when you need that phone number the most!

Helping you to help yourself

SCU recently asked us to create an interactive tool that both their staff and the average visitor could use to help them determine what chequing package, savings account, or credit card would best suit their needs. Depending on how the questions were answered determined the best options for their banking clients. This tool is just phase one. We'll soon be developing a more comprehensive tool to help SCU account managers provide their clients an even more accurate assessment of their banking needs as well as a checklist to be sure the account managers have covered all of the topics they need to in order for their clients to be fully informed.