Take Pride Winnipeg


Take Pride Winnipeg takes pride in a new look

Take Pride Winnipeg has been making good use of their site for several years on an older version of Catalyst. Last year they started the process of looking to updating and upgrading their website. A new design and some new functionality were the goals and now they are taking pride in the latest iteration of takepride.mb.ca.

Points of Pride

Take Pride Winnipeg wanted a way to feature locations that had taken advantage of the Brush Up Winnipeg program that promotes the maintenance and beautification of properties throughout the city. Property owners who are proud of their properties and wish to show off their neighbourhoods compete for the pride of being featured by Take Pride Winnipeg.

The map functionality makes use of Google Maps API to pin-point the locations of residences and properties throughout the city where people have made concerted efforts to improve their properties to show their pride in their neighbourhoods and the city. The map has a set of toggles to display winning properties through the years.

Take Pride in the Media

Take Pride Winnipeg has created a few Public Service Announcements for television and the web. They wished to add a page to the site where they could show off those PSAs. The new Media section displays two of these videos. The first is about Oil Recycling and the importance of not disposing of petroleum products into the sewer system. The second is about Cigarette Litter.