The Forks

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The Forks

Visual Lizard has been working with The Forks North Portage Partnership for nearly 18 years. This is the fifth iteration of the site and was created in collaboration with Tetro Design and The Forks Management team. The Forks is one of Winnipeg's premiere attractions, and the latest version of the website really presents that well. The focus of this version of the site is a combination of the shops, the attractions, the history, and the ecological footprint of this Winnipeg landmark.

Featured Attractions

The latest design for The Forks home page included a more prominent event calendar showing the next seven dates on which events are taking place. Hovering on the date reveals the list of events taking place on that day with links to the event details. Below that is a link to the full calendar of events.

One of the requests for this version was to engage the visitor by showing them featured attractions and shops right on the home page. This also provides The Forks retail and restaurant partners a way to be front and centre.

Tenant Partners

The latest version of The Forks is making a concerted effort to support its tenant partners by giving them individual profiles which occasionally are featured on the home page. The new, more visual layout of the partner lists is meant to draw the visitor's attention to give them a quick one click way to see details of the partner profile page.

Attraction Conditions

The biggest features for The Forks are their outdoor activity facilities, venues, and trails. The information about weather and facility conditions was their most visited page over the last several years. With this redesign they wanted to provide a clean dynamic user experience for reviewing this information. They also wanted a more structured administrative tool for keeping things up to date with a series of simple condition toggles. The result is an extremely useful tool for any visitor to the most well known attaraction in Winnipeg.

Target Zero

For the past decade The Forks North Portage Partnership has been striving to make The Forks an extreme example of green energy and sustainability with the goal of making this Winnipeg attraction have a Carbon-Neutral footprint on the environment. Target Zero is an innovative endeavour of which The Forks can be very proud. To that end, an informative section of the site has had its visibility increased.