Tourism Winnipeg

This is an archived version of this project. It represents an previous iteration of the site, and is kept for historical purposes. Click here to see the latest version.

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Tourism Winnipeg

Winnipeg's premier tourism site with access to business and attraction profiles, upcoming events and other interesting information for the potential visitor or staycationer. A visually attractive site promoting the beauty and fun of the city along with the sections for the more business minded visitor who may be planning a meeting or convention. The city has great potential and this site is there to promote that potential.

Tourism Winnipeg is now working on providing specific focus to some of its departments and giving them their own specialized look and feel to help their audience to recognize their needed information in a more unique way. For instance the meetings and conventions aspect of Tourism Winnipeg at meetingswinnipeg.com now has its own design while still remaining under the Tourism Winnipeg umbrella of editors.

One Stop Selection

Almost everything on this site is available with one click of the mouse. Promotions, Events, Blogs, Itineraries, Videos and more. Some of the displayed elements give the home page of the site a living feel. The large background images fade in and out, and the promotions switch every few seconds keeping the visitor up to date on the upcoming events in the city.

Business & Attraction Profiles

Over the last few iterations of this site we have been tweaking and adjusting the Profile tool that the administrators use to keep Business and Attractions profiles up to date and categorized. This iteration is no exception. We have done some trimming to the administrative tools focusing more on providing a central location in the administrative tools to manage all of these profiles. Once a profile is created it can then be assigned to one or many categories. In the example to the left we have the list view of some of the hotels in the city. We are displaying the basic contact information for the visitor in the list, but we also have additional details if the viewer wants to learn more about a specific business or attraction.

It's a Social World

Over the years Tourism Winnipeg's social media presence has changed from a diverse group of trending social media platforms to a small group of the consistent social media players who have risen to the top. Tourism Winnipeg instead of pushing its own social media agenda has now provided the tools to its visitors to push that agenda for them.

By clicking on Live Concierge the visitor can interact one on one with a person at Tourism Winnipeg that can answer their questions about the city itself or where to find something within the site.