Visual Lizard

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Visual Lizard dot com Reaches Version Eight

As a service based business, the hardest thing you can do is work on your own stuff. It doesn't pay the bills directly, so it always gets dropped to the back of the line whenever client work calls. We finally made some time to make version 8 happen and our friends over at Fusion chipped in with the design. We think v8 is the best yet!

Welcome to Visual Lizard

The homepage of any site is always the anomaly. There is a demand to show as much as you can while not cluttering up the layout to the point that nothing is useful. Our homepage provides a quick sample of recent work and services, some facts about the lizards, a list of the five most recent blog posts and five most recent dailies. You can also find out anything you need to know about our contact information in the footer on every page.

Services Are What We Do

Visual Lizard is a web services company and as such, we figured it would be nice of us if we outlined what we actually do. The services section of the visuallizard.com has details on everything we do.

Stroll Through Time

Visual Lizard builds things that live on the internet. We have built many, many things over the years. The projects area provides a small sampling and details of a few of those things.

Writing Things Down

We read constantly. We have to. Constant change is the nature of our chosen profession. We use the blog to write down important bits of information that we need to remember. We also find interesting things while we read. Check the blog and check back often.