Winnipeg Airports Authority


Winnipeg is Going Places

Visual Lizard has been working with the Winnipeg Airports Authority for over ten years. Recently, the airport has gotten a brand new, modern terminal; it made sense that the website also get a fresh, modern treatment. We worked with the airport's team to give the WAA site a solid look while we worked to give it a solid foundation, including a stand-alone mobile experience, a custom blog, SMS support, and interactive maps.

Getting To Your Destination

The Winnipeg Airports Authority homepage allows site visitors to jump right to their desired content as efficiently as possible. Important notices and announcements fade through a series of images, arrivals and departures can be searched and sorted, terminal shops can be quickly found, flight updates can be received by SMS text messages, and much much more... getting you where you want to go, all without the clutter.

Coming and Going

The most important thing on an airport's website is the arrivals and departures list. No one wants to miss that flight to Hawaii! Both lists sport clean designs that can be sorted with a quick click on the column headers, or filtered results by using the provided form field at the top. And in case you're away from your computer, you can sign up for regular SMS messages to track your specific flight.

A Voice At The Airport

Active since late 2007, the Winnipeg Airports Authority blog has given a fresh look at the construction, opening, and ongoing running of the James Armstrong Richardson airport. To maintain a casual friendly atmosphere, we provided a special place for this subsection, with an RSS feed to subscribe to and a Twitter feed to follow. All of this came together to give WAA its own unqiue voice online.

Finding Your Way Around

Working hand in hand, Visual Lizard and teh design team created a series of interactive maps of the James Armstrong Richardson terminal. Divided into two floors and scalable, site visitors can customize the map to include points of interest, and even print it out for reference.

Draw Me A Map

By integrating Google Map functionality directly into the site, Visual Lizard was able to provide a tool that can literally draw out the best route to the airport. By accessing the browser's location, the site triggers a call to Google's databases that provide a route, complete with scalable map and driving directions.

En Français, S'il Vous Plaît?

Catalyst 4 easily supports multilingual sites like the Winnipeg Airports Authority. Site administrators need only provide both english and french text for any content they enter in, and a single toggle on the public webpages takes care of the rest. By building the URL structure with the language code in the page address, visitors can link or share that translation of the page directly.