Winnipeg Art Gallery Centennial

This is an archived version of this project. It represents an previous iteration of the site, and is kept for historical purposes. Click here to see the latest version.


Winnipeg Art Gallery Centennial

The Winnipeg Art Gallery is celebrating its centennial this year starting in October. Because of this, the WAG wanted a site to promote the centennial itself with a focus on the history of the gallery. Working with Doowah Design the WAG came up with a minimalist looking site with the repeated theme of 100 years.

The Game

There are to be two features to the site, first is a straight-forward "What kind of Art Lover are you?" game where the visitor is shown a series of comparative general art styles and selects the piece they like most (or don't like least). At the end of the game the results come back as to what kind of art the visitor would like and some links to add to their social networking profiles.

The Timeline

The second feature is still in the process of being developed. It is to be a timeline featuring significant moments in the history of Winnipeg and the Gallery in particular. As part of this timeline, the WAG is looking to the public to add their personal stories about their experiences at the Gallery. Public submissions will be vetted by WAG staff for public suitability and privacy concerns. The functionality for the timeline is pretty slick so once WAG has all of their timeline elements ready it should provided an interesting experience for visitors.

The Animation

The primary design element, that was initially a minor head-scratcher, is a mask graphic overlaying a group of image animations. With some javascript to control the animation and some transparent graphics to overlay the animations, there is a "dynamic" aspect to all of the pages of the site.

Since we wanted to make sure that this site was accessible through tablet devices the animated aspects including the timeline and design animations had to be accomplished with Javascript as opposed to Flash. When it's ready the timeline can be navigated on a tablet by a swipe gesture which will slide the timeline to the next group of dates.