Better Informed and Fully Satisfied

This is an ARCHIVED project. It represents some of our past work.

For over 25 years, the Western Surgery Centre has provided Manitobans with exceptional health care, offering a wide range of surgical services in a state-of-the-art facility. The website had to reflect that professionalism while still providing a visitor with all the information they need to make an informed decision. A solid design by Fusion and an easy to update backend built by Visual Lizard helps site visitors feel comfortable in taking the first step.

Speaking For Themselves

The clean homepage of Western Surgery Centre allows site administrators to add large testimonials, creating an ever-growing batch of success stories to randomly feature. With a video that opens up into a larger version to view, a sliding photo gallery linking to various procedures, and a quick contact form for consultations, the Centre presents itself with class and confidence.


A tool in the Catalyst 4 editors allow admins to upload a series of testimonials. Each page load, the system randomly chooses one, working to keep the homepage fresh.

Uploading a series of images, WSC can link to any procedure or content on their site in this miniature banner gallery. The procedures slideshow slowly slides between the provided items or visitors can take control with the provided arrows.

The Face Of Professionalism

We provided Western Surgery Centre with customized tools that allow them to showcase their staff, with individual pictures and write-ups, grouped by category and profession. When you're proud of the people you work with, you want everyone to know!


On The Map

The site contact page has a form that drops messages directly in the site administrators' mailbox, but sometimes you want to meet in person. By integrating Google Map functionality, we were able to parse the provided address and display an interactive map right on the site.


In one simple place, site administrators can add in as many satisfied testimonials as they like, allowing the Catalyst 4 content management system to randomly fill in the sidebar for them; an example of a well-built tool contributing to a well-designed site.