Winnipeg Art Gallery

  • 25,000+ Piece Art Collection
  • Catalyst CMS
  • Custom Art Search
  • eCommerce
  • Event Calendar

2010 Signature Award Winning Website For The Winnipeg Art Gallery

Visual Lizard and Velocity Branding teamed up to bring a fresh, new site to WAG.ca. The site was designed and built to deliver a modern look that reflects the iconic nature of the Winnipeg Art Gallery. All site updates are handled internally by Art Gallery staff using our Catalyst Content Management System.

Our latest addition to the Winnipeg Art Gallery site now provides the WAG greeting staff with the ability to redeem admission tickets that have been purchased online. The test case for this functionality is now being done for the current Dalí Up Close and Masterworks from the Beaverbrook Art Gallery exhibition that will run through January 2015.

WAG.ca's Home Page

With everything the WAG wanted to achieve on the first page of their site, we had to narrow the focus and provide essential information at a glance. The home page is fully customizable by WAG staff, from the large background images all the way down to what each section of the grid displays. We added a layer of scripting that allows for items to animate smoothly from one to 

WAG.ca Calendar of Events

At the Winnipeg Art Gallery, there is always something going on. Our challenge was to present their calendar in an easy to scan-at-a-glance format. The design also had to present the visitor with quick tools to move about the days and months. 

There was also a need to allow visitors to consume the content found in the calendar when away from WAG.ca. To make this happen, we built an iCal and RSS feed for visitors to grab.

WAG.ca Collections Page

The staff at the Winnipeg Art Gallery has complete control over all the pieces of their collection. We worked with them to import over 25,000 items from their archive. Additionally, we built a set of custom tools that allow them to keep their collection information up to date through large data imports.