Winnipeg Insurance Brokers


Fair, Equitable, and Co-operative

Integrity and respect guide Winnipeg Insurance Brokers' relationships with their clients, and they wanted to bring that to their web presence. A clean design wrapped around to-the-point content helps visitors find what they're looking for. A custom-built quote forms makes it easier for Winnipeg Insurance Brokers to get them the feedback they need.

Helping Hands

The homepage pulls tidbits of information to the forefront to help you get to what you're looking for. News, announcements, tips, advice, FAQs, quotes, and more. All handily managed through the Catalyst CMS editor screens.

Frequently Asked Questions

A full feature WYSIWYG editor gives site administrators as much control as they need to format their copy, but careful HTML and CSS insures that content fits with the site's overall look and feel.

Request For Quote

Getting an accurate quote to a client involves the client providing as much accurate, detailed information as they can. Winnipeg Insurance Brokers needed their site to have a couple contact forms that mirrored those information needs... so we buitl some!

Smart scripting adjusts the form as the visitor fills it in, adding fields when more detail is required and removing them when it is not.

Conveniently Located

Added to the helpful address, hours of operation, and contact info are embedded Google Maps, each focused directly on the provided locations and fully interactive.