Your Life. Your Style.

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Your Life. Your Style.

The previous contest microsite was so successful that St. Vital Centre decided to offer their customers another. We worked with Fusion to build an online quiz, choosing between articles of clothing to discover which style you are. Facebook provides a multitude of funcitonality that allows sites like this to gain powerful features without recreating the wheel, and allows participantion to filter back through it's social media network.

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Why make a whole new registration and sign-up system when you build on top of one of the internet's most popular existing setups? By constructing the quiz by hand, but leveraged Facebook's powerful APIs, for the profile system, to streamline participation, and gain access to a valuable social media stream.

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Your Fave

Thanks to participation from St. Vital Centre tenants, the quiz is populated with thumbnails of real clothing and accessories anyone can purchase at the mall. The visitor has a series of either-or choices that quickly and efficently narrows down their style to one of six possible categories. There is some serious math going on behind the scenes!

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The result is a chosen style category based on the visitor's picks. From here, they can share this out to their Facebook friends and Twitter followers, inviting others to participate in the quiz. Facebook APIs also power an inline comment thread which site moderators can review and manage.