Catalyst 4

We have been building our content management system since 2002.

You Need Control of Your Web Site. We Give It To You

Catalyst is a very robust CMS with the ability:

  • to leverage current web standards for HTML and CSS;
  • to manage routes for human useable and SEO tailored URLs;
  • to apply a Content Delivery Network for static files and resources;
  • to communicate directly with Visual Lizard’s project management system for questions and support;
  • to support multiple URLs from a single administration point;
  • to manage administrators, their permissions and what they can edit through your site(s);
  • to allow you to export all of your data into an SQL file;
  • to interface with Google Analytics;
  • to allow your site to interface to our newsletter management system;
  • to provides mobile views for your content;
  • to includes print stylesheets;
  • to allow for caching of page views to speed up delivery;
  • to be built on an open source community contributed PHP framework;
  • to support multiple levels of revisions with data auditing;
  • to support multiple templates for your content.

Additionally, with our Catalyst CMS, we don't have some odd licensing plan. When we are done building your site and everything is in order, Catalyst is yours to keep and use for the purpose it was intended, for as long as you like. There are no ongoing fees, requirements, or anything that ties you to us in some way or another. If you want to tinker, you can. If you want to re-skin it with CSS templates, go ahead. We are here if you need help. 

Introducing a content management system built with you in mind.

Built for your use. Built for your needs. Built from the ground up. You need control of your website. We can give it to you. Meet Catalyst

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