Good Time Purveyors

We work hard. We play hard. That's the way we roll.

Having Fun is Part of Our DNA

Visual Lizard was started back in 1996 by two kids out of college. Frankly, we didn't know any better. But working for ourselves sounded like the best idea ever. From the very earliest days of our forming the company, we wanted to make sure we had a fun place to work.

To keep ourselves loose, we try and make sure we always have something playing on the Sonos. Pop culture is part of our culture, with members of the team keeping everyone informed on the latest comic book trends, TV shows, and what Jhon Oliver is up to. We try and stay up on the latest video games to the point that we will have an occasional afternoon video game event. Did we mention movies? Yeah. We see a lot of those too.

Armed with the notion that we wanted to have fun, we set forth with the following in mind:

  • enjoy what you do every single day.
  • above all, you solve problems.
  • music is part of the fabric, embrace it in all forms.
  • nothing is impossible.

Good times are part of what we do. Sure there is some stress from time to time, but the day this all stops being fun is the day we close up shop. Keep us in mind the next time you are sick and tired of dealing with grumpy developers.