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May the Force be With your ... Wiki?

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Ever since I was 5 years old, the first time I saw Darth Vader come through the smoke on the Rebel cruiser after boarding it, I've been a Star Wars fan. Not a dress up like Boba Fett / C3P0 / Darth Vader and hang out at conventions / movie premiers / around Skywalker Ranch kind of fan. But a fan of the story. A fan in the small under funded, under resourced group in the fight against the unlimited resource, unlimited reach, ultimate rule empire. A fan of the thought that somewhere else, things are just as bad as here. But maybe, just maybe, with a little dedication, sacrifice and effort, things can change.

Well if you have been around the Internet for any length of time, you are aware of Wiki's. The most famous wiki is wikipedia which is a massive online encyclopedia, updated and corrected by users and available to anyone with internet access in almost a every language on the globe now.

Of course, if you search Wikipedia for Star Wars, you get a great page of information. It covers everything from George Lucas all the way down to TV episodes that I have never heard of. As you scroll through screens of Star Wars information, you begin to realize that there is a ton of stuff to know. On Wikipedia's entry however, the real gem is at the very bottom. Way, way down there. There is actually a Star Wars wiki that contains 28,000+ articles on the Star Wars universe. So for all you Star Wars fans, enjoy Wookieepedia.

And for my wife, "Honey, see. I'm relatively normal!