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Google Talk Upgrade

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Google has recently upgraded it’s instant messenger client. For those of you who are using it, just right-click the Google Talk icon in your taskbar or system tray, and choose "Check For Updates Now".

First of all, if you use the voice chat options, you now have the ability to leave voicemails to your contacts. Useful if they are not immediately available. When they get back, the message will be emailed to them with the recording as an attachment.

A regularly requested feature that finally appears is file transfers. This ability not being available has been the reason I’ve most often heard from people using MSN Messenger. It’s good to see it here.

Finally, something I wasn’t expecting, but I like: being able to set your status to automatically update with the current band name and song title your listening to. Works with iTunes too.

There’s an official write-up on the changes here. And if you don’t have Google Talk yet, click here to try it out. It’s free. :)