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Google gives hints for better ad placements

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Here are Visual Lizard, we build websites. We build great websites with tons of information on them. Events in Winnipeg. Music in Winnipeg. Moose Hockey and more. We love getting to the point where we can launch a work in progress live for everyone else to enjoy.

But what do you do when your website is launched?

One idea is to get your website into Google’s AdWords program and start building traffic. The kind of traffic that is looking for your product, service or organization. The good kind of traffic.

Recently Google has posted a blog article about leveraging their AdWords program even during tough economic times. Here are a few of their points that we think are really well made:

1. Focus your ads on low prices and savings.

Consumers care about prices more than ever, especially on day-to-day purchases. When someone searches on a particular product, you know they’re interested; by using your ad to tell them that you’ve got the highest quality and the best price, you’re more likely to earn their click. Update your ad text to focus on low prices, good values, and timely promotions.

This may seem obvious, but it bears repeating. Focus on low cost and areas where you can maximize savings. Good advice for any economic climate.

3. Make sure your ad groups are targeted and relevant.

Ads perform best when their ad text reflects the ad group’s keywords; this makes ads more relevant to their intended audience. Make sure that both the text and the keywords in each ad group focus on a specific topic or product. For instance, an ad group about "tennis sneakers" will generally perform better than a broader ad group about "sneakers."

This is solid advice for anyone getting started with AdWords regardless of their budget or the state of the economy. Focus again is key.

5. Make it easy for customers to buy.

Since people are spending more time comparing products and services online, make it easier for them to find what they’re looking for and buy from your site. Use the best Destination URL to send visitors directly to the page about the product or service promoted in your ad.

We build websites and while this seems like something everyone should be thinking about anyway, our experience shows that people seldom actually consider their URLs. Whether it is their domain name or product catalog. URLs fall somewhere on the development list at or around the very bottom. Never send people to the homepage of your site unless they can complete a purchase directly from it.

For the complete article visit the Google AdWords blog..

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