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Visual Lizard helps the Winnipeg Art Gallery win a 2010 Signature Award for Best Website

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Visual Lizard is proud to announce that one of our design partners, Velocity Branding, has won the 2010 Signature Award for best website as well as a people's choice award.

The team here at Visual Lizard put an incredible amount of time and keystrokes into developing the site. We enjoyed participating in the realization of the design and vision that Velocity, the WAG, and Visual Lizard brought to the site. We are also proud to be recognized for our programming ability.

The site runs on our Catalyst Content Management System, which makes editing the site extremely easy and allows staff at the Winnipeg Art Gallery complete control over the content in the site. For, we developed a sophisticated template system that provides a degree of layout choices, which would normally be reserved for hand coded pages.

We look forward to working with Velocity Design on future projects and we sincerely hope you enjoy using the site as much as we do.