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The Great Lakes as seen from Google Earth

Your headache you just cured with 2 Tylenol, where do you think that waste Acetaminophen goes when your body is done with it? That mood disorder drug you have been taking so you can get through the day? Or all that caffeine you have been drinking while you sit at your desk?

That’s right, it all goes into the water supply. From the obvious industrial waste all the way down to the billions of pharmaceuticals consumed each year in North America, it all runs into the sea.

Our friends over at the NFB (National Film Board of Canada) have an amazing site that you should check out. Put on your headphones, turn up the volume and drink it in. Then think about what is floating in your glass of water the next time your 3 year old asks you for a sip.

My question to the internet, is what can we do to make this topic publicly known? How can we, the little people, make a difference?

"Culture On Every Corner" launches

Tuesday afternoon, Visual Lizard went down to the CanWest building’s courtyard for the official launch of the Culture On Every Corner website, an exciting new initiative to promote Winnipeg’s vibrant arts and culture scene.

Culture On Every Corner downtown launch

Culture on Every Corner is a consortium of eight non-profit Winnipeg arts organizations proudly supported by Destination Winnipeg, Travel Manitoba and Manitoba Homecoming. We are proud to have worked with McKim Cringan George, Avenue 4/Inergy and Frantic Films in building this new website dedicated to bringing Winnipeg’s vibrant arts and culture experience to visitors locally and worldwide. screenshot

Click here to visit the new Culture On Every Corner site, and come discover why Winnipeg is Canada’s Culture Capital.

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