Canadian Tumour Repository Network

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Linking Cancer Researchers With Provincial Tumour Banks

The Canadian Tumour Repository Network (CTRNet) is a translational cancer research resource, funded by Canadian Institutes of Health Research, that furthers Canadian health research by linking cancer researchers with provincial tumour banks. Their goal was to help researchers nation-wide get access to the materials they need to make the world a healthier place. That is a worth-while endeavour if we ever heard one! We are proud to continue helping this uniquely Canadian initiative.

Staying Connected

The homepage of the Canadian Tumour Repository Network makes 'staying connnected' its primary focus. Quick links to important areas, recent news and announcements, upcoming events and conferences... all designed to assist medical professionals assist each other.

Making Material Available

Tumour banks across Canada work directly with CTRNet to submit formatted XML files with anonymized material information, and CTRNet updates their website with that information, creating a summary of all available material in the country. We worked closely with CTRNet to both streamline this system and craft the resulting table.

Tabbed tables, divided categories, and a filter form help medical researchers find exactly the material they need.


Being a Canada-wide organizaiton, supporting both english and french was immensely important to CTRNet. The Catalyst content management system makes it as snap to fill in content for both languages, clearly defining context and layout. A simple session-based tool on the public side allow visitors to switch between the two at any time.

Providing Documentation On Standards

One of the key goals of the Canadian Tumour Repository Network was to get everyone on the same page, literally. Working with tumour banks nation-wide, CTRNet developed and distributes PDF documentation on procedures, standard operating procedures, certification, and more.

We developed a document management module customized to their requirements: multiple categories, sorting by document coding number, support for english and french PDFs, the option to download a ZIP file of an entire category, and analytic tracking.