A High Standard Of Apartment Living

For over 45 years, Edison Properties has provided Winnipeg residents with an exceptionally high standard of apartment living. We worked with Fusion to bring that same high standard of convenience and comfort to their new website. With a colourful, clean design powered by our Catalyst content management system, we made it as easy for Edison Properties to manage their site as it is for you to use it!

Welcome Home!

The Edison Properties homepage gives you fast access to everything you're looking for.

Bold clear navigation at the top can jump you to multiple locations. A stylized slider lets you browse through recent openings and featured buidlings. A decorative map can drill down into the neighbourhood you're interested in. And a simple form gets you direct contact with Edison Properties' represenatives when you see the perfect place!

One of the best aspects of the site is its responsive layout. Content and interface reflows at multiple resolutions,  ensuring the site is both beautiful and useable on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and screens of all sizes. And when given enough space to play, the layout shows off its party trick, mimicking the staggered colour blocks of the Edison Properties logo.

Building The Building Directory

The most powerful feature of Catalyst isn't how it's built, but how it's built for you.

This building directory was constructed only after seeing Edison Properties' data and Fusion's designs. From that foundation, we custom built the tools for site adminstrators to add in their information and to help them transform it into the look they wanted. Image files are resized to all the correct dimensions, fields are presented in a logical order with clear labels, and scripts are all personalized to Edison Properties' workflow.

For instance, the content management system places green or red diagonal badges on the building images based on the status indicated by Edison. When a new property is added or when a new vacancy is keyed in, that information is immeditiately reflected to site visitors by these bold labelled stripes. No extra work needed.

Customized automation makes site adminstration in Catalyst a breeze. It turns arduous complicated tasks into simple maintance anyone can handle.

Find The Perfect Place

Being able to quickly compare individual listings is invaluable when apartment hunting. And getting those listings presented clearly and consistently is as much the responsibility of your content management system as it is the people administering it. Your CMS should be helping you do your job, not getting in your way.

Every version of Catalyst gets tweaked to work with the site, rather than the site being tweaked to fit it. Custom built mapping tools, personalized file uploads, grouped form fields, and helpful instructional text are the features behind the curtain that helps Edison Properties help you.

Can You Let Me Know When...?

Just because you can't find what you're looking for doesn't mean it won't turn up at a later date!

We built a form that visitors can fill out, asking to be notified when a place opens up, in the building or neighbourhood they want, with the configuration they are interested in. The form is hooked up to the building data, so the available checkboxes automatically update and group themselves as Edison Properties keeps its listings current... and you'll be updated when your dream apartment becomes available!

Extra! Extra!

Communication is the cornerstone of any good partnership. That includes renters and landlords!

By using built-in news tools, Edison can keep their clients and visitors up to date on events, listings, changes, and more. Categorization and archive pulldowns keep the news stream digestible, and makes the historical articles just as easy to find as the most recent postings.

Help Wanted

Sometimes, you're not looking for a place to live, but a place to work!

We provided Edison Properties careers-related tools so they could tell their website visitors about the positions in their organization. Robust editors allow each position to be described in detail, for all the responsibilities and requirements to be laid out, and for employment forms to be downloaded as Adobe PDF files.