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  • Custom-built blogging engine
  • Editable mapping element
  • Full online portfolio, with tagging and categories
  • Photo, video, and audio galleries

Strategy and Creativity, Working Hand in Hand

We're always happy to work with our design partners to bring their own websites to life. It shows that they are confident in our work and trust us with their own brand. Fusion had just moved offices at the time and wanted to update their site. We worked with their designers to bring their vision to digital life!

Online Portfolio

We worked hard to bring Fusion's hard work to the web. Large images are slid along using javascript, type is rendered in carefully chosen fonts, copy is editable at almost every level, and related data is available in clever popup elements. Its as dynamic and layered as the fine folk at Fusion themselves.

Laying It
On The Line

Fusion had a very specific look they wanted for their website, and it involved getting some tricky layouts. We worked closely with their designers to make sure every part of the site lined up exactly as they needed, translating their provided proofs into HTML and CSS magic.

"F" Marks The Spot

Fusion had a great idea for map-based contact page that was a lot of fun putting together!

We built a tool that lets site admins pick points on a static map, upload an icon and a thumbnail, and write a brief description. What could have been a complicated integration with an outside mapping API was instead built as a simple-to-use tool baked into their content management system.

How You Say It

It isn't all work and no play over at Fusion. The creative folks that make up the agency regularly contribute to a custom-built blog, allowing them to post articles and share their opinions with the world wide web. We constructed it to their exact specifications, allowing them to relate blog articles to work samples, manage their own staff profiles, and set up how their archive is listed in the sidebar.

In Its Place

Fusion's body of work covers so many different levels and different categories that it can become overwhelming. That's why their portfolio not only required simple management tools but also simple ways to sort and categorize everything.

Each piece of work can belong to categories, can be tagged, can be flagged, can be sorted, can be organized, can be searched, can be dated, can be labelled and relaballed based on its place, and position, and... whew!

Needless to say, if you can't find something, you mustn't really be looking.

Who What When Where How

Behind Fusion's boundless creativity is their attention to budgets, schedules and project management. Their website needed to be more robust than a gallery of pretty pictures.

Examples of their work are divided into individual samples, full campaigns, and detailed case studies. All three types had different requirements, subtle differences in layout, unique ways of connecting to related work. It was our job to translate those complex data relations into an easily navigatable portfolio.

Pictures & Sounds

Fusion works in all kinds of media, and it was our job to help them get that media online. Each example of their work can be associated with mutlple images, multiple audio files, multiple video files, and even other related projects.