Making The Right Choice

Interlake Real Estate looked to us to update their website giving the whole thing a fresh modern presentation. They wanted a hassle free way to keep their property listings up to date without having to duplicate their work with MLS. Partnering up with Guppy Design, we built a brand new website on top of our Catalyst content management system and integrated it with the third-party Multiple Listing Service (MLS). 

Welcome Home

Its all about making a good first impression. Right from the home page, Interlake brings properties right to the forefront, giving site visitors what they are looking for without making them dig for it. An algorithm picks the top properties from a variety of categories to feature, while administors can manage the scrolling streamers and sidebar banners to help direct people to useful portions of the site. 

Find What You're Looking For

The goal for listing all the available Interlake properties was to make it easy and comfortable for a site visitor to browse through. That meant providing good-sized images and basic, to-the-point details about each item. That meant keeping each page of listings to a managable length by automatically paginating it before it became too long and cumbersome. That meant giving site visitors filtering pulldown menus to narrow their results to the parameters that best match their needs.

Room With A View

Finding just the right place is made easier when you have as much information as possible. Interlake's property listings give you vast amounts of detail in a straight-forward layout: scrolling image gallery, interactive map, property details, and even individual room sizes are displayed on an easy to scan page.

We built the system to import postings directly from Interlake's third-party Multiple Listing Service (MLS), pulling in all the photos, maps, descriptions, and features automatically. This means Interlake site admnistrators don't have to spend hours copy-pasting existing information from one system to another; they can just let Catalyst handle it for them while they stick to the nitty gritty of helping you find the best property possible!

Are You Covered?

Interlake wants to hear from you! Expanding on all the available phone numbers and helpful addresses provided, we built a series of web forms customized to each page's specific needs. From a fast way to submit an insurance claim to an online quote form to request storage facilities, these forms are flexible, adjustable, and clean. The submitted information gets emailed to any email address or addresses the site adminstrators like, and can even be stored in the Catalyst content management system for later review. Are your web form requirements as well covered?