Manitoba Live iOS app

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Live Music, Everywhere!

We had the opportunity to work with Manitoba Music and Guppy Graphic Design to build a mobile app showcasing the live music scene in Manitoba. Powered by Manitoba Music's own live music calendar, the free iOS app lets users find live shows, discover local artists, and share upcoming events. Available through Apple's app store in time for the 2014 JUNO Awards, we expect it to help Winnipeggers discover live music all around us!

Making A Splash

We worked with Guppy Graphic Design to give the application a clean look that fit Apple's iOS 7 asthetic. From the bold colours of the initial splash screen to the simple lists and the clear navigation elements, we enforced a focused approach to the both the feel and the functionality of the entire application.

Local Music,
All Around Us

One of the biggest advantages of mobile devices over desktop computers is the fact it's right there, wherever you are!

We took all the street addresses of the provided music events and mapped them onto a scaleable map of your current location. Zooming in and zooming out, pinching and panning... discovering what local shows are happening all around you has never been easier!

Doors Open At...

We built the application with a laser focus on discovering live local shows. You can use the map view to find an event nearby or you can use the alternate list view to scan who's playing where and when. By pulling information provided by Manitoba Music's own live music calendar, the app puts together an easily readable list of all Manitoba music events happening that day.

And if you're making plans for the weekend, a quick tap of the calendar icon can jump you to any date over the next couple months. 

Pass The Word

Manitoba Music members each get their own full screen in the application, pulling their photos, genres, and descriptions straight from their editable Manitoba Music profiles. This means events, artists, bands, performers, venues, and much much more all get bold full mobile views for you to explore.

Don't keep any of this to yourself! You can tap the share icon in the title bar to spread the word, through email or social media. And a press of the button copies events into your device's default scheduling application, letting you set reminders and alarms about that show you've been meaning to catch!

I'll Meet You There!

Like the artist profiles, every venue gets its own chance to shine. A large map helps put a pin where the street address says the venue will be, and a tap of the screen will pass that location info to your device's default mapping application. A description provided by Manitoba Music's membership gives a good idea what to expect, and a quick press of a button lets you give them a call... you know, in case you have any questions about the specials.

Credit Where
Credit's Due

We made sure to include an information screen so that we could give credit where credit is due! Find out about the application, how it came together, how to provide feedback, and all about the great partners that helped make this application a reality.