Vertuity Mortgage

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Vertuity Mortgage Specialist

When our friends at Vertuity Mortgage here in Winnipeg gave us a call about helping with their website, we didn't hesitate to lend a hand. Paired with our friends over at Guppy, we worked to create a clean design and simple tools for their visitors.

Vertuity Mortgage

The homepage of the Vertuity Mortgage site needed to quickly introduce the visitor to what Veruity does, they help find you the best mortgage rate available in Winnipeg. We accomplished this with a clear navigation, four large image banners that direct you to the primary focal points of the site and a quick grid of additional elements.

Compare Rates

When you work with Vertuity, they make getting your mortgage easy. Part of their service is to manage the transaction with the banks on your behalf and that means knowing who is offering what rates at any given time. In order to make it easy for the visitors to understand what is happening, we built a set of tools for Vertuity that allow them to display the current rates from CIBC, Royalbank and TD as compared to the best rate Vertuity can get for you. Simple.

Mortgage Calculators

Since Vertuity is in the business of helping you with your mortgage, it makes great sense to have a tool on the site that will allow you to figure out just how much a mortgage will cost you. They provided us with the formulas, we built the tool using CSS, HMTL and some Javascript.

Debt Consolidation

Since Vertuity works very closely with many financial institutions, it made sense for them to offer a debt consolidation service as well. in order to help visitors determine if they could save money, we again received specific formulas from Vertuity. We then built the tools using CSS, HTML and Javascript.